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Nexus Media Importer licenses you to intent plus flow music, video, photos besides manuscripts from a USB spangle thrust or SD menu connected to your Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus, or further Android 3.2+ apparatuss along USB Army cheer. This is the entirely non-groundwork resolution for figures that do nay give original foundation for exterior twinkle storage. Demands the consequent hardware:
1) An Android 3.2+ pattern. Instances encompass Google Nexus machines or the Motorola Xoom.
2) A USB OTG (On-The-Go) rope. Expense about $1 USD on Amazon), comprehend screenshots for instances.
3) A USB Spark Urge or USB SD Ticket Primer plus SD Joker, remark screenshots for paradigms.
To utilize:
-If you are using an SD joker lecturer, put the menu in the lecturer initial.
-Hitch the OTG chain to the Nexus or different stratagem.
-Fasten your USB gadget to the OTG wire.
-The petition choose toss automatically.
-Decide the list. The selected list's road looms in the preview opening (currently except photos ostentation preview).
-Succeed the stake picture to jet or the conserve (disk) symbol 
-If redeem is prosperous, you can succeed the download notification to attitude it or perceive it in the Downloads app.



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Version7.504-21 10:40Version7.4.12014-03-05Version7.3.22014-02-24Version7.2.22014-01-12Version7.1.22013-12-11Version6.4.12013-10-16Version6.2.12013-09-13Version6.1.12013-06-27Version6.12013-06-02Version6.02013-05-27Version5.0.22013-04-05Version5.0.12013-03-28Version4.5.22013-02-15Version4.42013-01-30Version4.1.22013-01-17Version4.1.12013-01-15Version4.0.22012-12-02Version4.0.12012-11-25Version4.02012-11-24Version3.2.2 2012-10-24Version3.2.1 2012-10-15Version3.1 2012-09-24Version3.0.3 2012-09-12Version3.0.2 2012-09-11VersionMarket2012-09-11
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